Tanya Rosen

Tanya started as a professional in 1991 working with many great coaches & students at all levels. As a young rider she worked off lessons in Southlands with Mimi Rollins then progressed to Caroline Weeks and Barbie Whitworth. Taking time to further her career she teamed up with Shelley Ketton of Legacy Hunters & Jumpers in Redmond Washington. There she assisted Shelley and currently works as a team today. She also rode & taught for Lindy Townly and small amount of work for John Pierce.

Tanya has shown across Canada and the US including Indio/Thermal California, Oregon, Washington, Spruce Meadows, West Palm Beach Florida and of course here in British Columbia.

Since starting her business in 1991, Tanya has brought along many riders and horses into the industry showing all over North America. Many have shown in Thermal, Indio, West Palm Beach, Spruce Meadows, Royal Winter Fair and many shows in Washington, Oregon and BC. In 2007 one of her riders, Dana Henson, was named " Equitation Rider of the Year" and in 2002 another rider, Kerri Anderson, was awarded Reserve Championship in the Junior Hunters at the Royal Winter Fair. These are just a few of Tanya's students success stories.

Tanya's Motto is

"Building Championships Together"

Tanya's mission is to Provide quality instruction and training, find wonderful quality horses and provide the best care & services to the Rosewood Team!